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My Review Of Fast Forward Academy CMA Review Course [2017]

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What I Learned About Fast Forward Academy CMA Review Course?

Fast Forward Academy's CMA review course is the most affordable CMA review courses currently available that guarantees you will pass the CMA exam. They take a very different (and potentially more effective) approach to helping you take the CMA exam. Instead of designing the typical "industrial model" of the other CMA Exam courses, they have designed a course that is created specifically to determine your areas for improvement so you can focus on those areas.

An interesting fact about Fast Forward Academy, LLC (FFA) is that they are an education technology company focused on supplying rapid training and streamlined continuing education to business professionals in the fields of taxation, securities, and insurance. The primary goal of Fast Forward Academy is to give its customers a superior CMA review course. Not only is Fast Forward Academy's CMA prep course comprehensive it is one of the most affordable currently on the market. FFA's CMA Exam Prep course is currently used by major universities such as Purdue, UK, Auburn, Ohio State, and NC State.

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Fast Forward Academy Study Strategy

Who Should Consider Fast Forward Academy?

My goal with my review of Fast Forward Academy is to show you everything about Fast Forward Academy's unique teaching process. If you have not already I highly advise you watch my video review above as I show you in detail what is included in the Fast Forward Academy CMA review course. Based on my in depth review of their course I found the following:

If you are a highly motivated individual who does not like lectures and already has a strong knowledge of accounting and other CMA exam topics then this course is for you. Fast Forward Academy has cut out a ton of the extra "fluff" that the other review courses tend to include in their review courses. 

Fast Forward replaces that fluff with starting you immediately with a practice exam multiple choice test and from there you go directly to the text to teach yourself the topics that you missed. This method is certainly not for everyone, but is very innovative and can be very efficient. 

If you want to give their system for a test run use the link below for a free trial. 

Link: Take Me To Fast Forward Academy Trial

Also check to see if there are any discounts or promo codes available for Fast Forward Academy CMA review course here.

What Do I Get From Fast Forward Academy?

The Fast Forward Academy CMA Review Course Overview page has three primary sections.

The Study Bank is where you begin your studying. By taking practice exams over all the topics you can begin to teach yourself the material and see what topics you already understand.

The Fast Forward Academy software automatically begins to assess your knowledge based on your correct and incorrect answers.

Once you have completed several practice exams, then the CMA review course software will assign you a reading list of various topics in the FastBook.

The FastBook is the Fast Forward Academy textbook and each multiple choice question is linked to the FastBook making it very easy to identify the relevant text to study when you are doing poorly on a specific topic.

Multiple Choice Setup

The life and soul of the Fast Forward Academy CMA course is the expansive database of 2,000+ multiple choice questions. In order to use their course effectively you really need to focus on understanding why you got a question right or wrong. 

FFA gives you the tools to do this by providing you with comprehensive explanations and direct links to the text.

It is your responsibility to flag the questions you don't understand and then come back to them later to dive deeper into the explanation.

Essay Questions:

The most subjective portion of the CMA exam is the Essay questions. 

Fast Forward Academy provides you with dozens of practice essay questions for you to review. I found that their essay questions were very similar to what you will see on the actual CMA exam and should be more than sufficient to prepare you.

FFA CMA recreates the essay experience to prepare you for the real thing! 

Fast Forward Academy Multiple Choice Analytics

As an education technology company, Fast Forward Academy prides itself on having some of the best analytics in the industry and the only review course to start a community.

Not only can you track the % of questions you have gotten correct by key topics, but you can also compare your results to other people in the Fast Forward Academy CMA community. 

Once your percentages hit a certain target then the Review Course Analytics will let you know if you are prepared to sit for the actual exam. 

As a self-study course it is up to you to stay on track and hit your targets by the date you set. 

Self-discipline and focus are the biggest requirements for users of this CMA review course.

FFA CMA is one of the best at helping you identify your weaknesses and strengths by the use of power multiple choice analytics!

Electronic FastBook Overview

The Fast Forward Academy CMA FastBook is one of the highlights of the course. The electronic version is linked to every multiple choice question, which makes it super simple to study the topics you are weaker on. You can also take notes directly in the FastBook which you are able to review later on.

Something that I hope will be improved in the future is that the text lacks any real life examples. The entire textbook is bullet points of concepts and definitions, so the text doesn't have much life to it.

That being said I still think that the text covers all the topics that you need to understand, it is just not done in a very entertaining way.

Take electronic notes or launch study sessions directly from the FastBook Text

How Long Is Review Course License?

If you need a review course that will be available for you until you pass the CMA exam then Fast Forward Academy will solve this. They have a "Pass The CMA Exam Guarantee" which means you will have access to their course until you pass.

Fast Forward Academy CMA Review Pros & Cons

You Need To Read These Before You Buy!

Multiple Choice

2,400+ multiple choice and practice essays


Strong analytics which identify your weakness and strengths to help you study efficiently


Extremely affordable price - $399 or $99 per month

Site Design

Responsive online course website which works on mobile, tablet, and computer

Study Planner

Study Planner which helps you plan out your time effectively


Strong community of CMA candidates and FFA experts to help answer your questions

Video Training

No video/audio lectures

Unique Study Approach

FFA's study process is unique and is an aquired taste.

Newer Company

Fast Forward Academy is still a newer Education Technology Company and doesn't have the established reputation compare to Gleim of CMAexcel.


No Flashcards

Final Recommendation:

In summary, Fast Forward Academy has designed a CMA course with a unique game plan to assist you in avoiding all of the inefficiencies that are found in the other CMA review courses. 

With additional tools becoming available soon and the improvements made to the 2014 review course, I am starting to see a lot of potential for the Fast Forward Academy CMA Review Course. 

If you are a motivated candidate who is able to study without lectures and videos then this is certainly the course for you. If you aren't comfortable trusting them as your sole review course, then I can highly recommend them as a supplemental course, as it is the most affordable review course currently available and houses more than 2,400 multiple choice questions. 

I really like Fast Forward's progressive stance of "thinking outside the box" when it comes to helping people pass the CMA exam, and I look forward to seeing what tools they develop next!

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NOTE: If you are still unsure how you learn best and whether Fast Forward Academy CMA Review is absolutely the best course for you I would be glad to assist you in your decision in the comment section below:

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Fast Forward Academy CMA Review Review Course Information

Fast Forward Academy CMA Review Strengths
1 Clean design
2. 2,400 multiple choice
3. Unlimited access
4. Affordable Price
5. Adaptive Learning Analytics
Fast Forward Academy CMA Review
3 / 5 stars

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