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My Review Of Gleim CMA Review [2017]

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Overview Of Gleim CMA Review Review Course

Gleim CMA Review is my number one pick for CMA candidates for a multitude of reasons. 

The foremost being, I used Dr. Gleim's review course to study for the CPA exam back in 2010 and without a doubt I would not be a CPA today if it was not for Dr. Gleim. 

After reviewing his CMA review course I saw the same quality and attention to detail that I experienced when studying for the CPA exam. 

If you want to try Gleim CMA out for yourself then click this link: 

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What I Learned About Gleim CMA Review

In order to best show you the ins and outs of the Gleim CMA review course I requested full access to Dr. Gleim's course.

They were nice enough to not only provide me with software access but also physical materials!

After spending several hours working in and testing Gleim's CMA review course I found several key features that I liked and think are very useful to CMA Candidates.

Gleim CMA Review System Walk-through

Three Step Study Process

The Gleim CMA Course is set up in 3 different recommended steps which I highly recommend you follow.

Dr. Gleim recognizes that everyone has different experiences and backgrounds so he wants to help you weed out the topics that you fully understand so the first step for each topic is a quick Diagnostic test. By taking a quick multiple choice quiz you can determine how well you understand a particular topic prior to watching any lectures or reading any text.

Step 2 is where you will spend the majority of your time for each topic. During this step you watch the audiovisual lectures, read the text, perform more multiple choice, and true/false questions.

Step 3 is used to test your knowledge retention of a particular topic. You take a sample essay and exam prep multiple choice quiz.

Once you have dominated all of the topics for each part then you begin your "final review" which is to go to the Exam Rehearsal and start taking sample tests over all sections.

Follow the 3 Study Steps For Each Study Section

Gleim Study Plan

Everyone has busy schedules that are constantly changing. Gleim CMA caters to this fact by having a customizable study planner. You can specify days you can study and the estimated # of hours you can study per day. 

Based on this schedule then the Gleim Study planner gives you daily assignments.

Fully Customizable Study Plan - Stay On Track & Pass!

Gleim Daily Assignments

As I discussed above each topic covers 3 steps in the learning process.

As you progress through each step, your progress is recorded. By tracking your multiple choice results it can help you identify which topics you need to focus on and which areas you spin your wheels more on.

The key to passing the CMA exam is to be able to understand why each multiple choice question is right or wrong and to be able to answer them in a timely fashion. Gleim does an excellent job of providing you with the tools to accomplishing just that.

Gleim Textbook

Gleim provides you with physical textbooks or you can download PDFs for your review. 

I am more old fashioned so I prefer to use the physical text as I want the audiovisual lectures so that I can more easily follow along and more importantly take notes in the text when needed.

This is a personal preference of course!

Gleim Exam Rehearsal Prepares You For The Real Thing

Gleim CMA Review Course Audio Lectures

Without a doubt one of the most frustrating things for myself is the morning and evening commute. Many of us waste over an hour in the car every day! 

Gleim CMA recognizes the fact that full time jobs and family can get in the way of totally focusing on studying for the CMA exam. The Gleim Audio Lectures are MP3s that can be downloaded onto your mobile device or computer to be listened to on your commute/metro ride/during lunch hour.

If you are an auditory learner then these lectures are a must.

Gleim Multiple Choice Database

Gleim CMA Review Course offers over 2,900 multiple choice questions. This is hands down the most questions in the industry. 

I consider this to be an important statistic due to the fact that the last thing you want to find yourself doing is redoing the same questions over and over. You begin to memorize answers and not the concepts behind the questions.

Another important consideration is the fact that having this many multiple choice questions helps prevent any surprises from happening on test day. The more multiple choice you complete the more patterns you will begin to see in the way that the IMA asks questions and the less likely they will be able to trip you up.

Gleim Essays Questions

Essay questions are one of the hardest parts of the CMA exam to prepare for. Gleim provides you with over 40 interactive essay questions to help you familiarize yourself with the topics and the format of the essays you will likely see on the actual CMA exam.

I found the questions to be comprehensive and the format of each question to be similar to the actual questions on the CMA exam.

Gleim Multiple Choice Analytics

Where Gleim CMA Review shines is the analytics. 

Gleim gives you the ability to track the individual topics that you are performing poorly and based on those individual topics you can design practice exams to cover only those trouble topics. 

Time management is so important to being successful when taking the CMA exam. Gleim tracks the average time you spend per multiple choice question which is a fantastic tool you can use to measure how prepared you are for the real exam.

Gleim Practice Exam/Exam Rehearsal

The final step in preparing for the CMA exam is to take everything you have learned and put yourself in real test conditions.

Gleim CMA Review gives you access to unlimited timed practice exams. The Gleim Review Course engineers did a great job of even recreating the same graphical interface used by Prometric. 

In the last 2 weeks of studying for each part of the CMA exam, I can't think of better pre-exam software than what is offered by Gleim CMA Review.

Gleim CMA Review Pros & Cons

You Need To Read These Before You Buy!


Comprehensive Review material, includes 18 months access to Gleim Online, Test Prep, Audio Review (MP3 Files), Essay Wizard, and Exam Rehearsal

Multiple Choice

> 2,900 multiple choice questions and 40+ interactive essay questions

Personal Counselor

A personal Gleim CMA counselor - helps you with any questions you have.


Pass or Money-back Guarantee


Powerful Multiple Choice Analytics to track your progress and help you identify your weaknesses and strengths.

No Flashcards

No flashcards currently offered

Pass Guarantee Restrictions

There are some strict conditions related to the 18 month guarantee that you will need to be sure to follow before they will allowed continued access to the Gleim CMA system. Hopefully this wouldn't be an issue for you, but 18 months can come and go very quickly if you are working full time.


Internet Access Required to use course

Why I Place Gleim CMA Review at #1 on my Top 5 List

You may have noticed that I have placed Gleim CMA Review at the #1 spot on my Top 5 list of best CMA Exam Review Courses. I want to assure you that I don't take this decision lightly as there is so much competition out there.

The primary reason that I selected Gleim CMA Review to be my #1 is that let's face it, everyone has different needs for their online businesses and different levels of technical experience...

After using a half dozen different CMA review courses, I found that Gleim CMA Review has the most advanced features in the most easy to use interface for CMA Candidates at one of the best prices.

With that being said there are other platforms that offer different features that might cater better to your learning style, but I truly believe that Gleim CMA Review is the BEST CMA Review Course for the MOST CMA candidates.

Don't take my word though, be sure to test the Free Trial of Gleim CMA Review below to ensure it's the best option for you.

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NOTE: If you are still unsure how you learn best and whether Gleim CMA Review is absolutely the best course for you I would be glad to assist you in your decision in the comment section below.

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Gleim CMA Review Review Course Information

Gleim CMA Review Strengths
1 Free Trial - No Credit Card
2. Best CMA Review Course for CMA Candidates
3. Excellent customer support
4. Multiple Choice Analytics
5. Affordable price
Gleim CMA Review
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